In this group we offer psychological, family, social and career counselling

Psychological counseling

Depending on the long experience in offering psychological counselling which we have started since 2007, we find it useful and necessary to approach the psychological counselor before approaching the psychological specialist who might be the psychiatrist or therapist specially when there is no desire to go to them directly or there is a considerable anxiety resulting from that.

After counselling, a decision might be taken whether it will be necessary to visit a specialist. The counsellor plays an important role in explaining the specialists’ tasks.

Here, we would like to pay your attention to the following points:

  • We are not professionally and legally authorized to give, through counselling, the diagnosis and psychological examination which are both conducted by the specialist or to prescribe psychological medicines.

  • We do apologize for not offering coaching courses directly in case the psychological case requires undergoing therapy first, then our turn comes in the coaching stage.

Family Counseling

Do not hesitate to contact us if you face difficulties in your relationship with your partner or children.

You can also contact us if your children face problems in social communication, study, addiction, or they are targeted by violence.

Social Counseling

If you feel lonely, bored, or socially phobic, and face difficulty in communicating with yourself and with others, we can through counselling give you advice and decide on the coaching program appropriate for you.

Career counseling

Whether you are holding an administrative position, are an employee or self-employed and you face difficulties in administering certain files or difficulties in dealing with partners or colleagues, we offer you through counselling the useful advice that will save you loads of effort and money as well.


The counselling fees shall be deducted from the quotation our group offers you if you have the desire to continue coaching.

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