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TO DO Group. includes several projects, active in the areas of human and administrative development, that puts its services at the disposal of individuals, companies and institutions.

About us

This group was established on an initiative by Saad Dakkak.

It launched its operations on 22/02/2022.

The group features many enterprises in the fields of human and administrative development and puts its services at the disposal of individuals, companies, and institutions.

Our vision

Since we are aware of the importance of the individual’s awareness and its straightforward effect on society; and in the light of the special importance that coaching is engulfed with in our modern time on the mental, physiological, and psychological levels, we have tailored our coaching courses in the various fields that are directly relevant to the daily life, taking into consideration the difference in needs among the age groups and the cultural diversity of societies.

Our message

We aim, through these enterprises, to enhance the individuals’ psychological and practical levels in such a way that will positively affect their professional performance to reach its peak, and their successful and constructive social communication to reach its highest levels.  

Dear visitors,

First, I would like to welcome you to our group’s website. I am delighted as well to thank you for dedicating a part of your time to have a look at our services. 

When I established this group, I put into consideration two pivotal objectives: to provide high quality to our customers and to work with them in cooperation with the parties attested by us as one team so these two objectives shall be the corner stone for the method of our work. In this regard, I hope that our services will gain the trust of our customers, meet their needs and achieve satisfaction at its highest levels. 

Your communication with us is but an advantage that enables us to support you so you can take steady steps, regardless how small, forward, and we will give you the ideas and solutions where we put our experiences and expertise at your disposal, and we will absolutely guide you to find the alternatives that might not be available in our group and how you can get access to them.

It is our objective that you also reach your objective, whether you achieve that through our group or through any other source.

Let life be your permanent ally

Best wishes and regards

Saad Dakkak


My name is Saad Dakkak. I was born in Damascus but I live in Germany. I am Syrian-German.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Financial Management. I am also an international internal auditor. I worked in this field for ten years.

Because I experienced the sudden death of one of my friends, I experienced a state of psychological shock and entered a difficult psychological state. I experienced what it means for a person to lose his ability to control his reactions, especially from an intellectual standpoint, hallucinations and delusions. But on the other hand, through my search for a solution to get out of that crisis, I entered the field of life coaching, providing psychological support, and developing personal skills on the personal level.

I currently work as a psychological consultant and certified life coach for adults, children and families. In addition, I am a coach and consultant in developing personal skills for individuals and work teams in institutions.

I hold the following training certificates:
– Planning and Managing Media Corporations – Al Jazeera Media Training & Development Center .
– Certified Advanced Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP – The German Institute for the Development of Communication and Change Systems.
– Certified mediator specializing in crisis management – The German Institute of Mediators.
– Certified life coach for children, adolescents and families – The German Academy for Kids Coaches.

I attended dozens of lectures related to these fields.

I am also a member of the German Organization for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (DVNLP), which periodically provides courses and lectures for trainers to provide the latest global developments and techniques used in the field of training work teams and individuals.

I am working now as an educational mentor and life coach certified by the Youth and Family Office for children, adolescents and their families.

Because there is a person in my family with special needs, and I was with him for 15 years during the rehabilitation, I have gained great experience in dealing with such problems and have begun to provide moral support to the injured person as well as to his family members, and I offer special courses on how to deal with them. These are problems and difficulties and how to move forward towards a future far from pessimism and disappointments.

As a freelancer, I am the founder and director of To Do Group for personal and vocational training services, supervision and mediation services. I am also the presenter and producer of the Cappuccino Talk Show.

Through training services and focusing on the principle that ‘Cure is better than prevention’, I study the needs of the work team within each institution separately, in cooperation with the Human Resources Department, and design a special training program to meet the needs of the team members who are working both in their private and professional lives to achieve the organization’s aspirations in developing its work teams.

Best wishes,
I am looking forward to hearing from you

Saad Dakkak

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